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OxCo-op was established by and for people who care about where their food comes from, who refuse to accept that a student budget necessarily means a weekly shop to the local chain supermarket, and who want to change the way we think about food consumption for good.

OxCo-op is a way of communally bulk-buying more socially and environmentally sustainable food.  Working together, we have the power and capital to have much more of a say in where our food comes from and which ethical standards it must reach. By choosing to buy directly from ethical wholesalers and local producers, we build a feasible alternative to chain supermarkets.

Additionally, we are in a time where we must consider not just the food product but also the packaging. We aim to minimise our packaging as much as possible, particularly where plastic is concerned. Our suppliers share this belief, and we are confident in the power of shopping locally and supporting small business in order to reduce our environmental footprint. We urge our customers to do the same and to speak out where they wish to see change.